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MCS is "the logistics co-pilot of airlines". It is focused on simplifying the cargo operation both operationally and commercially for airlines.

Logistics OCS-MCS (LOM), belongs to MCS as a group and complements it by acting as its specialized division for courier services, distribution and representation of post and parcel companies.

Other divisions of the MCS Group are formed as follows:

GSSA - International

- Airlines representation for the commercialization of their cargo spaces.
(National e International)
GHA - Ground Handling

- Ground Handling Agent (GHA), loading and unloading services for passenger aircraft and freighters.
(Operación y Supervisión)

- Warehousing service for national cargo airlines (certified with the ACAA as a secure cargo operator).
- Regular warehousing services.
- Cross dock services and reconditioning of cargo for air transport.
Training Center

- IATA Authorized Training Center
(DGR Courses - All categories)
- IATA Authorized School
(IATA Air Cargo Introductory Course)
MCS Cloud Cargo

- Development of specialized systems for cargo management in airlines, gssa's, bonded warehouses.
Post Services

- Official representatives for OCS Japan in Mexico.
- Specialized Parcel & Post Services
Divisiones MCS
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