IEX Domestic Service

It’s the parcel and post service from anywhere in Mexico to anywhere in Mexico.

Post & Parcel
We offer Post & Parcel services (prepaid and receivable) nationwide through our own network and with the support of strategic partners.

24 HRS.

Delivery from 09:00 - 19:00
From Mexico City and Metropolitan Area to the whole country.

10:30 A.M.

For an additional charge, you can hire guaranteed delivery before 10:30 A.M.*

72 - 96 HOURS

In the case of extended zones** you can hire the delivery service from 72 to 96 hours to the whole country.


We can also offer specialized services for Distribution.
We specialize in the management of:
Magazines, publications, newspapers, calendars, etc.
Promotional material for fairs, educational institutions, embassies, etc.
Dehydrated food. E-commerce.


Our last mile services seek to build a service to the customer's needs by offering both dedicated and consolidated units with a personalized delivery.
Fixed routes with daily departures.
Real time shipment tracking.
Committed transit times.
Competitive rates.

*Check with your commercial agent about the coverage of this service, as it is not applicable to all zip codes in the country.
**Extended zones are determined according to the addressee's zip code.
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