Family Link Service
*Exclusive service for Japanese nationals living in Mexico

Exclusive service for Japanese nationals living in Mexico
Some people may already know about our service "OCS Family Link Service".
It’s a shopping site with a variety of high quality Japanese products that improve the lives of customers living outside of Japan.

How to use the service?
  1. Log on to the website:
    - Food and over 2,400 items including standard and new products
    - Medicines for domestic use
    - Wide range of newspapers (subscription)
    - Magazines (subscription)
    - Books
    - Distance learning materials for children.

    For more information about the service, please feel free to contact directly:
  2. Personal Use
    a) Apply directly from the website
    b) Payment by credit card
  3. Business Use
    a) Let us know your preference and the person in charge will contact you directly.
  4. Receive at your home in Mexico through LOM (Logistics OCS-MCS).

OCS will take care of everything from product acquisition to packaging, document preparation and shipping arrangements to your final destination.
You will receive your products quickly and reliably for a more convenient life. OCS will help you to make your life comfortable and safe.

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Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our services.

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