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Solve your shipping problems and inconveniences and we will make your life easier. We deliver your products as fast as possible


Parcel and post service from anywhere in Mexico to anywhere in Mexico.


The Japan – Mexico best transit time through ANA Cargo's direct flight from Tokyo to Mexico City. Import coordination and payment directly in Mexico, for a more agile communication, as well as local billing. Door to door service.


It is the parcel and post service from anywhere in Mexico to the world. We can offer the best transit time to Japan through our own network and using the ANA’s direct flight (All Nippon Airways) from Mexico City to Tokyo.

Regular & Temporary Warehousing

As a member of the MCS Group, we have warehousing space near the main airports in the country providing warehousing, temporary storage, cross dock and pick & pack services.

Family Link

Exclusive service for Japanese people living in Mexico. It's a shopping site with a variety of high quality Japanese products that improve the lives of customers living outside Japan.
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